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4As CEO Khairudin Rahim

PETALING JAYA: Writing good marketing briefs is essential as it compels marketers to have a well-defined strategy and ensure their marketing budgets are not wasted.

In the words of renowned global advertising executive Sir John Hegarty: “Writing bad briefs is the most expensive way to write advertising.”

A marketing brief is a document prepared by a marketer to its agency or agencies that outlines a marketing plan and its strategy so that all parties involved are clear on the plan.

Commenting on the importance of a brief, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) chief executive officer Khairudin Rahim told StarBiz: “If there isn’t a well-defined marketing strategy in place, there can be no brief.

“Unfortunately, some marketers in practice lean on the creative development process to clarify, and decide their strategies later rather than being clear about these from the outset.

“Poor briefs don’t allow agencies to solve problems or seize opportunities identified by marketers. If briefs are unclear, then agencies can’t be sure what’s expected of them, at which point the second guessing begins.”

Often, he said, the root cause is the marketers’ and agencies’ inability to see eye-to-eye on what a good brief looks like.




Unchallenged, poor briefs trigger a raft of negative consequences, Khairudin said, adding that they lead to confusion, shallow creative thinking and often mediocre ideas.

“This will in turn lead to unhappy clients, rounds and rounds of creative work, re-briefs, demotivation and ultimately less effective work in-market. Agencies are encouraged to say ‘No’ to briefs they don’t understand to avoid future misalignment,” he noted.

Conversely, he said, good briefs guide creative thinking and act as a neutral reference point for assessing the work, adding that brief writers must be clear in their choices.

“Deciding whether a brief is acquiring new customers, upselling to existing ones or increasing frequency of purchase requires a choice.

“When it comes to briefs, they are mutually exclusive. The need to address more than one of these choices will require multiple briefs,” Khairudin said.

To facilitate good briefs, the 4As has released a best-practice guide, “The Best Way for a Client to Brief an Agency”, published by its long-standing partner, the Chartered Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) UK.

Co-authored by industry experts and the IPA, the publication of this guide was prompted by a specialist global survey conducted in 2021 by BetterBriefs, a UK strategy and communications consultancy.

The survey revealed that 80% of marketers think they are good at writing briefs, whereas only 10% of agencies agree, while 95% of marketers fail to provide strategic direction to their agencies.

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